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The Essentials Box

The Essentials Box

 With fruit, vegetables, bread, milk, flour and rice, no need to fight the crowds at the shops simply drive up and we will bring it out to you.

 how’s that for service and all for only $50!! To order please Ph; (02)4943 6733

What’s in our Essentials Box ?

Apples    500g  Banana  500g

Grapes   500g  Oranges  1kg

Carrots   500g   Onions   500g

    Potatoes  1kg   Tomatoes 500g

Zucchini  500g    Eggs  1 x Doz

Milk 1 x 2L    Rice 500g

            Flour  1kg    Bread  1 x Loaf

  Bok Choy 1 x Bunch

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